Rug Cleaning Service

With their timeless beauty and charm, Persian rugs are the most impressive addition to any contemporary home. They liven up the character of any space with their unique design. However, these Oriental rugs need a persistent care and maintenance because they receive a high amount of traffic in your home. Incidentally, they can become the carriers of bacteria, allergens, and other unhealthy elements. To keep them sparkling clean, you need the help of professional rug cleaning services. At Oxy Carpet Cleaning, we specialize in this art of rug restoration.

Persian rugs are precious and they must be handled with extreme care. Also, we believe that every rug has unique maintenance requirements. Hence, we begin our process of rug cleaning in Newport Beach area with a thorough examination of the rug. This helps in identifying the areas that need special attention. After this in-home analysis, our experts will offer you a no-obligation price quote for your approval.

The experts at Oxy Carpet Cleaning are well-trained to clean any rug with a gentle touch. We always strive to use green-certified cleaning solutions that preserve the dye in the fibers of a rug without causing any damage to its texture. This keeps your rug looking vibrant and spanking new for a long time. In fact, we are the most trusted company for Persian rug cleaning in Orange County.

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