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OXY Carpet Cleaning

1-2 Hour Dry Time.

The Dry Time is extremely important for health reasons and for you to be able to get back to "normal life" as soon as possible.

The Drying Time After Carpet Cleaning..

After steam-cleaning, your carpets will typically be wet for 10-48 hours and sometimes longer. NOT with OXY Cleaning, you will not have these long dry times. As we only use about 5-10% of the water that a traditional steam cleaner will use. We are applying enough cleaning solution to the carpet fibers to loosen and break down the soils and contaiments. Where a steam cleaner is essentially pressure washing your carpets (similar to how they would clean a drive way, then trying to reclaim the dirty water that they have created, soaking your carpet and padding.

You will be able to enjoy your carpets and your home almost immediately, with in 1-2 hours. And even though it may be wet when we leave, its more of a dampness, not a "soaked" feeling.

Another advantage to low moisture carpet cleaning, is it almost entirely reduces the likelihood of wick back. So once the spots and stains are gone, they are GONE.


Protects Children and Pets

OXY Carpet Cleaning uses non-toxic cleaning solutions that are safe for your children, family and pets. Besides being GREEN and Family Friendly, our cleaning solutions are the best at breaking down soils and contaminants giving you the best cleaning possible. In addition to using organic green cleaning solutions, we use a special low-water process that leaves your carpets dry in 1-2 hours.

We are committed your HEALTH and leaving your CARPET CLEAN in Newport Beach and Orange County.

Our Green Carpet Cleaning Process:

In Summary we use a different tool for each process of the carpet cleaning job and each tool we use is the best out there. We believe that if we are using the best tool for each step, the end results will be the very best. Compared to a steam cleaner, they use one tool for the whole job. For example steam cleaners usually use the one machine to vacuum, to pressure wash the carpet, to reclaim the excess water. We first believe there are more than 3 steps to cleaning your carpet. Secondly we use 2 different tools just to remove the dry soil. 75% of soil and containments are dry, so we want to remove them so they do not turn into mud. Once they turn into mud, they are much heavier and stickier thus harder to remove. Then we use 2 different tools to remove the wet soils and containments. Since our process is not done in one step, we are able to address different situations in between steps.

1. Pre-Inspecting
We will do a pre-inspection of your carpets and floors with you. We want to know what your concerns are and we will also share any areas of concerns we find. At the same time, they will measure the rooms, so we can give you a "to the penny quote". We will always honor the quote given to you by your cleaning technician.
2. Soil Loosing & Removal
Our trained and qualified carpet cleaning technician will first go over your carpet with a special piece of equipment called a CRB (counter rotating brushes). The CRB has multiple purposes. 1. Its called a pile lifter, this means it will lift your the fibers similar to how they were when you first installed your carpet. 2. It also acts like a vacuum machine but SIGNIFICANTLY BETTER THAN A VACUUM. This machine pulls and loosens the soil and contaiments deep down in the fiber and pulls them out. It works wonders on PULLING OUT PET HAIR. 3. This is also the first step in the cleaning process as it breaks down topical spots and stains.
3. Pre-Vaccum
If the CRB machine was not enough, then we will vacuum the same areas that we just cleaned with the CRB using the best commercial vacuum that is HEPA Certified. The one two punch of first using the CRB to remove dry soil works great. In addition to what the CRB actually removes, it will also loosen and bring to the surface soils and containments that our vacuums can remove now, but were too deep in the carpet originally to be vacuumed up.
4. Pre-Spot Cleaning
While we are using the CRB and vacuuming, we will note areas that we feel will need to be pre-treated or any other potential trouble spots. We will treat this areas of concern with the appropriate cleaning solutions to help remove these spots during the regular cleaning process.
5. Cleaning Solutions

We will then lightly spray the carpet with our GREEN / ORGANIC cleaning solution that will lift and suspend any dry soils remaining in the carpet. It will also start to break down the soils and containments and separate them from the carpet fiber.

Dwell Time: We will give the cleaning solution time to dwell and do its job. By given it the time necessary to work, it will work more efficient and be more effective.

6. Microfiber Cleaning:
We use a rotary oscillating machine to gently remove the soils and containments from the carpet fibers using a microfiber pad. This step agitates the soils and breaks them down while also at the same time removing the heavy greases and soils.
7. Absorbing Pad
We then will our rotary oscillating machine this time with an adsorbent pad, and it will absorb and wipe away the dirt, soils, spots in front of your eyes.
8. Post Spot Cleaning
At this time, we will re-visit any of the areas of concerns and any inspect them and see if we need to post spot cleaning them.
9. Post Vacumming
We will then do a final post vacuum to remove any fibers, dirt, hair or anything thing else that can be removed.
10. Grooming
Then we will set all the pile in one direction and groom it so that it looks neat and uniform.
11. Final Inspection
We will do a final walk through with you to make sure we met or exceeded all your expectations.
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